Welcome to Trico Tower Service. At Trico Tower, our business is service.  We are committed to solving today's complicated communication questions.. and to finding answers that are both feasible and cost effective for out clients.

Trico is one of the leading installaion, repair and maintenance companies in the telecommunication industry.  Customers look to us for turnkey installations on both vertical (communication towers) and horizontal (rooftop) real estate.  In addition, we offer installation and compound maintenance service for PCS, cellular, two-way, microwave, and paging facilities.  We support all aspects from complete build-out of new tower and compounds to re-work of existing facilities.  We add, take-down, and move, equipment,lines and antenna per customer request.  We assist in finding the best location on existing towers to meet the customer needs.  We have the best industry knowledge of existing facilities and the contacts to facilitate getting communication equipment on-line.